Lenny Turk

Named after founder and designer of the same name, Lenny Turk has consistently stimulated and excited the fashion world since its inception in 2003. Specializing in handcrafted leather and fur garments, Lenny Turk provides the perfect mix of quality, innovation, and exclusivity. Each piece has a profound purpose; to inspire, make a statement, and tell a story. Continuously striving for extravagance and sophistication through design, this is Lenny Turk.


LFA is the story of a love affair between fashion and art. Brought to life through the collaboration between fashion industry veterans Bernard Aidan and Lenny Turk, LFA expresses art in the form of fashion. The duo joins forces with contemporary street artists from NYC, Brooklyn, Miami, Paris, and Istanbul to create hand-painted wearable pieces of art. Inspired by a passion for style and creativity, this is Love X Fashion X Art.

Squadra Nera@4x-100.jpg

For the past few years, Squadra Nera has been redefining contemporary streetwear. With an emphasis on leather trimmed garments and unorthodox cuts, Squadra Nera seeks to challenge the essence of street fashion as we know it. The mostly black and white collection sports a balance of functionality and comfort in addition to futuristic looks. On a mission to revolutionize the modern art of luxury streetwear and disturb the established order, this is Squadra Nera.


With a rich history dating back to 1924, Cheltenham originally made coats and jackets for England’s aristocrats up until 1989. Brought back to life at the turn of the century by designer Lenny Turk, the brand now sports a collection of durable, affordable, and fashionable outerwear. Named after the British town it was founded in, this is Cheltenham.

Lenny T@4x-100.jpg

Just launched by designer Lenny Turk, Lenny T is the essence of exclusivity. Each piece is uniquely hand-prepared and hand-painted one by one. With one of a kind and made to order leather jackets, this is Lenny T.

Vintage Rag@4x-100.jpg

Vintage Rag looks like pieces from a thrift shop as if they have been worn for many years where as they are actually made brand new from scratch and undergo a lot of processes to give them that worn look and feeling.Leather jackets, jeans and t shirts that look like aged are the main pieces from the collection

Mont Grand 2@4x-100.jpg

Mont Grand as the name suggests is outerwear for the big mountains rain or shine.Dawn jackets ,fleece and and knitwear and vests, all with detail and branding makes this high quality outdoor clothing is a stable in the closet of the adventurous